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Police working to return $30K in stolen property

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Police in Cumberland County have recovered $30,000 worth of stolen items and are working to find the owners and to make some arrests.

The thefts occurred primarily in Silver Spring Township beginning in mid-September, but some of the crimes occurred in York, Perry and other parts of Cumberland County, township police said Friday.

Authorities have been investigating the burglaries for weeks and have recovered more than 200 stolen items from various locations. They believe the burglars operated in the overnight hours and stole from several sheds during a night.

"They would go into these sheds and they would clear them out," Detective Jared Huff said.

Police were able to track down the property after they found a stolen leaf blower listed for sale on Craigslist.

"From there we were able to go talk to that person and determine he wasn't necessarily involved in the theft," Huff said. "He obtained some property from somebody else."

The interview led to more locations, where more stolen items were found. Huff said police are closer to tracking down the thieves.

"Hopefully, in the next several weeks we will make an arrest or several arrests," he said. "I would suspect that they are involved in much more throughout other jurisdictions."

Anyone who has been a victim of a theft may contact the Silver Spring Township Police Department at 717-697-0607 or 717-238-9676, or call their local police department to arrange a time to look at the recovered property.


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