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Coroner: bullet to heart killed Harrisburg's 18th homicide victim

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City police are investigating Harrisburg's 18th homicide, making 2013 the deadliest year since the 1970's.

A memorial now stands in the parking lot of the Derry Street Cafe to commemorate the life of the 34-year-old Ronald Henderson.

The shooting occurred before 1:00 Saturday morning. According to county coroner Graham Hetrick, the death was almost instantaneous with the bullet entering the body on a downward angle into the heart. 

Hetrick said that this is not the most deadly December he has experienced on the job, but added that he has noticed a frightening trend. 

"Do I think that society is more coarse and violent? Yeah." he explained. "And I don't think that is going to change. We are in for the long haul here until we change attitudes as far as the worth of human life." 

Police are investigating possible leads. No arrests have been made.

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