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Author Spotlight: "Adventures at Green Apple Acres: Christmas on the Farm"

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"Adventures at Green Apples Acres: Christmas on the Farm" is the third book in a series by Cynthia Sudor of Grantville. It is a way for children to learn Christmas stories with the help of friendly animals.

"There's themes like the Scandinavian legend that the animals talk at midnight," Sudor told Good Day PA. "There's also stories about a kitten who's finding the perfect gift for her mother. Everything goes wrong."

In addition, the book features the story of a little girl with brain cancer and Skipper the horse.

"A Christmas miracle happens between Ellen and Skipper."

Since she was a little girl, Sudor wanted to become a children's author. She has a mission with her stories.

"To inspire children to know that there is no problem they can't overcome," Sudor explained. "There's no challenge that they can't overcome. These animals have big problems, a lot of them, that they have to overcome and they do.

Learn more at: https://greenappleacres.com.

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