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Birmingham man who was once homeless gives back

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In an instant life can change. A job loss, an illness, a broken family. Ronald Sellers was once homeless. He remembers what it was like to be at one of his lowest points in life, only to have that feeling intensified during the holidays. Now that he is on his feet, he's giving back to some of the very same people he encountered when he was living on the streets.

It wasn't a big red sleigh. And he's not Santa Claus. But for the people living on the streets, it was the next best thing. It was Sellers and his big red truck. In the back were bags full of socks, gloves, hats and other clothing items. It was enough to hand out to nearly 200 people.

Several dozen homeless people from around the community gathered around his truck, hands outstretched for their gifts. Sellers and his wife started this tradition more than a decade ago.

"We decided that we had different things and we wanted to be a blessing to other people. So just out of the kindness of our hearts and what people have placed on us, we just want to give back," said Sellers.

Sellers was not always in the position give. In fact, the reason he's so passionate about giving to the homeless each year is because some 20 years ago he was in their shoes.

"I had about four deaths in my family and just did not know how to handle it and I reacted the wrong way to it and it caused me to be homeless on the streets and I was on the streets for about a year and half," he said.

Thanks to a drug rehab program, and a renewed relationship with Christ, Sellers says he turned his life around for the better. Now some of the same people he crossed paths with on the streets are the ones he's helping today.

"It's a true blessing for somebody to actually come out here and bless people and you know just to really give back where they used to be," said Amanda Moore, homeless since 2008.

Not only did they receive clothes, Sellers handed out cash and meal tickets to green acres café. He says he wants people living on the streets to understand that someone cares.

"Most people are afraid of them because of this cliché of 'oh you need to watch them. You don't know what they will do'. They're not going to do anything. They want something, and we that have should be able to give to them," said Sellers.

Anyone wishing to donate to Sellers' cause is encouraged to email him at sellers571@gmail.com


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