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Man charged with killing intruder in Fayetteville

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Early Christmas morning, down a half-paved road in the woods of Fayetteville: "An actor came in with a assault rifle and tried to rob the people who were in the residence," said Trooper Rob Hicks, State Police spokesperson.

Police identified the intruder as 21-year-old Janorris Hughes, a recent transplant from Florida, who was more recently released from prison for a prior burglary conviction.

Within seconds things went very wrong for Hughes. Authorities say that one of the men inside the residence, named Terry Fulton, began fighting with the intruder and during that encounter Fulton was shot three times. The rifle was dropped. Fulton then drove off seeking medical assistance and Hughes fled, according to police reports.

At that point reports show that the owner of the home, Mickle Shaffer, got control of the weapon.

"He went after the person who came to rob the house and ended up shooting that individual and killing him," said Hicks.

Hughes was pronounced dead before 7 a.m. According to police and neighbors his body was located away from the scene and off of the Shaffer's property.

Mickle Shaffer now faces murder charges.

While that all was taking place, Terry Fulton who was suffering with three bullet wounds, had driven himself to the nearby Rutters store.

Employees told abc27 that he crashed the car into a curb and honked the horn until workers came out to assist.

The Shaffer family told abc27 that they were not ready to release a statement but did say they are unsure of how Fulton plays into the situation.

Our Alex Hoff also got in contact with relatives of Hughes who live in Florida. The deceased was described as "a very funny, good person" who was loved by all.

That family member said that Hughes moved up from Florida to live with family in Fayetteville. When asked why the former community college student may have been involved in armed robberies, his cousin responded "I have no clue how he got mixed up in that. I'm clueless. It hurts me to my heart."

Hughes' public Facebook posts include pictures of him holding stacks of cash, and one with him pointing a gun to the camera.

Shaffer's preliminary hearing is set for Monday.

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