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1.3M Americans, 80K people in PA to lose federal aid

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Khaldun Rasheed read a letter that recently notified him his federal unemployment would end on December 28.

"I knew it was coming," He said. "I knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time. Soon as I learned they weren't going to extend it, ya know."

The "they" Rasheed referred to was Congress, who failed to agree on an extension before their holiday break. Rasheed is among 80,000 Pennsylvanians and 1.3 million Americans nationwide that will have their Emergency Federal Unemployment Insurance halted beginning Saturday.

Sara Goulet, a spokesperson for State Labor and Industry, explained this timing could not have been worse.

"[Federal funds] are a bridge between unemployment and employment," she said. "We know people without a job don't want to be without a job."

Rasheed who has had temporary work in the past is looking for something steady.

"My whole attempt has been to go permanent," he said. "But, there has been so many obstacles in the way of being able to do that. Get back to a permanent job."

Congress could extend the funding when they return on January 6. Many political experts believe this issue will be rolled into a larger bill when Congress attempts to tackle the looming government shutdown slated for January 15.

Goulet said skilled workers looking for a job could use the state's free job seeking resources such as JobGateway or JobSpider. Both websites could be found on the Labor and Industry website Goulet said.

"Overall, we see really positive signs with the economy," she added. "And not only employers hiring, but job seekers out there finding jobs."

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