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New Year's Eve leaves taxis in short supply

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Call a cab in the first few hours of 2014 and you'll hear probably get a couple busy tones and certainly a lot of rings.

"With just with three cab companies running it makes it all tied up," said city resident Manuel Maldonado.

New Year's Eve is the busiest night of the year for taxi drivers. Thousands are expected to flood Market Square alone, but in a city that has lost drivers to cost and crime there are only so many people left to give you a lift.

"A DUI is considered a $10,000 ride home," said George Geisler, of the Pennsylvania DUI Association.

Geisler recommends to never bank on simply calling a cab.

"We want to start the new year out by celebrating safely with a plan in advance so we can make good decisions when we are not impaired," said Geisler.

Geisler says people should designate a driver or find a place to sleep and stick to it. He adds that even responsible drivers should avoid the roads on New Year's Eve.

"I certainly won't be going out tonight. My family members will not go out tonight," he said.

The names of lives lost to drunk drivers are engraved beneath his feet in front of the association's headquarters.

"When we sit down for our holiday meals, these people who have lost this loved ones, those chairs will always be empty," Geisler said.


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