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Time to clean up your social media image

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Here at the start of a new year, perhaps it is time to consider cleaning up your online image. A Pew survey finds that more than 70% of adults are active on social media. It is what we do or say on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, however, that have some people begging, "enough already!"

Here are a few suggestions to consider. First, enough with the selfies! No one needs to see a shot of you every time you step out the door. Make it special.

Secondly, your friends don't want to see a picture of every meal you eat! An anniversary dinner or a special celebration is fine; that really big hamburger you cooked on the grill - probably not.

Thirdly, be kind to others in your photo.  You might look great in a picture, but it is unflattering of your friend. Tag yourself, but don't tag your friend. It's just the nice thing to do!

Finally, remember the phrase "less is more" for 2014. People will start to ignore you if you post constant updates and overwhelm their feeds.

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