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Travelers make their way on Pa.'s snowy highways

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Thursday night was a good night to stay off the snowy roads, but we found many people passing through central Pennsylvania who were going to be driving through the night.

We talked with folks who were heading northbound on Interstate 81 and had stopped at the rest stop at Manada Hill.

"We're down there visiting friends of ours for the holidays," said a man who only identified himself as Mike and was driving from Atlanta to the Syracuse area. "I'm used to the snow. It doesn't bother me. What bothers me is PA never plows."

"It wasn't really bad until we got to Virginia and then it was - we almost lost it. It was really bad," said Mariah Wilson who was heading from South Carolina to Patterson, New Jersey and didn't plan to stop for the night anywhere. "We're going to make it. We're driving slow, taking it slow and using the downshift instead of braking."

Joseph Torres of Dalton, Georgia was heading to upstate PA and had just slid into a guardrail along I-81 and damaged one of his taillights.

"We were just going down the road and car just got out of control, spun like twice and hit the guardrail," he said. "The roads out there are dangerous. They're really bad."

While most folks in cars were going to keep driving, a lot of tractor trailer operators were calling it a night.

"I'm stopping for the rest of the night," said Timothy Drayton, who was heading to Hatfield. He planned to stay there until about four in the morning and then hit the road.


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