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PA Farm Show butter sculptors talk art on Good Day PA

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The famous butter sculpture is an annual crowd favorite at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. On Monday, sculptors Jim Victor and Marie Pelton visited Good Day PA on abc27 to share the story behind their creations.

Victor explained that he first used food to create art in the 1980's with chocolate. His very first butter creation was at the 1995 PA Farm Show. He stepped aside for several years but was back at it in 2003 and has since created the dairy art every year.

The 2014 creation is a tribute to the PA Farm Show's famous milkshakes, a staple for six decades.

"It's the 60th anniversary of the Dairyman's Association, the milkshake," said Pelton. "So they wanted a butter sculpture that celebrated that theme."

It features a family sipping a milkshake as two cows "shake" near them.

"There are two dancing cows," Pelton explained. "They're square dancing actually."

The married team of Victor and Pelton first spent 11 days welding and bending steel for the armature, or framework, underneath of the butter.

"Especially with dancing cows. You need structure to make a cow dance," said Victor.

Then it took them 11 days to add and mold the 1000 pounds of butter which is a labor-intensive process, proven by the timelapse video that they shared with Good Day PA.

"When you're using something like butter, it's more like clay. So it's really not so much carving, but it's really adding and taking away. It's really going in both directions," said Victor.

Victor and Pelton will now enjoy the Farm Show and rest for a bit, but then it's right back to their work.

"We do an average of 10 different food sculptures throughout the year," Pelton noted. "The majority of them are made of butter. But we also work in chocolate, cheese and vegetables. "

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