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Protecting your pets from the deep freeze

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When the weather gets this frigid, animal advocates say pets should be kept indoors as much as possible.

While coats and booties can be helpful in holding in some body heat, experts say they're not necessary. What's more important is to limit overall time outside.

"Just like people, if it's too cold for you -- it's probably too cold for them," said Patti Hippler with Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance (CPAA).

Owners should also watch where their pet is stepping.

Abrams and Weakley General Store for Animals in Susquehanna Township sells non-toxic ice melt and recommends it instead of traditional rock salt.

"It can irritate their paws, get trapped up in between the pads and be very painful for them," store owner Kristen Zellner said. "They also tend to lick their paws and if you don't clean them off when you come in from the salty roads, that can be very upsetting to their stomachs."

Zellner says owners can rub aloe-vera or vitamin E on their pet's paws to soothe cuts or cracks.

If you suspect an animal is being neglected outside in the cold, CPAA said your first call should be to your local police department.

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