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Noah Spence's Father's statement to appeal suspension

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The following is a statement read by Greg Spence on behalf of his son, Noah to appeal a three game suspension given by the Big 10.  Details also here on abc27.com on Spence suspension

Noah is a 19 year old young student athlete. He is me and my wife, Helen's, youngest biological son. As mentioned in Howard's report, he has eight brothers, five of whom we adopted when they were all approximately five years old and Noah was four years old. Two of his brothers, Marcus and Tariq attend Shippensburg University as a freshman and a sophomore respectively. They also graduated from the Army National Guard boot camp last summer and are members of Shippensburg's ROTC program.
Noah has always displayed good character and humbleness throughout his childhood. He was actually quite shy outside of the home as a small child. He is still a very soft spoken young man.
Noah would never like to miss school or his classes while growing up and he never had to be suspended from school for any behavior problems while in elementary, middle and high school.
Noah and his brothers, Marcus and Tariq, achieved three years of Honor Roll in Honors classes during their middle school grades. Their certificates still hang on our refrigerator. lol. And Noah graduated with a 3.45 from Bishop McDevitt in an Academic curriculum and obtained a 23 on his ACT test.
My only concern as a parent with Noah's personality is that he has always been quite trusting of people and pretty much takes everyone at face value. I love that about him on one hand because he is an honest,genuine person that loves people and he is great to be around. However, as a father and maybe more so because I've been a Juvenile Probation Officer since January of 1995, I have long had concerns about other people taking advantage of my son because he is not very street savvy at all. I have tried to speak with him about this while he was in high school and while in college but how do you tell someone to be leery of people without sabotaging their innocence and causing them to be afraid, if that is not who they are. But I can easily see him accepting an open beverage from someone he doesn't know at a party and drinking it down without thinking or being the least bit suspicious. This situation reminds me of when some wise guy would spike the punch bowl with liquor at a frat party when I was in college in the 80's but instead, today, in 2013 some college kids are spiking beverages with mollies at Raves to get a kick or in their minds, liven up the party.
Finally I would just like to add that this situation reminds me of a national dilemma we as law enforcement officers are faced with. As cell phone technology has increased as well as the use of cell phones by teenagers within the past 5-7 years, there have started being incidents across the country of teenagers, girls and boys alike, sending inappropriate pictures of themselves to each other, sometimes, just as a means of courting. Unfortunately, the only current law available to us in most states to regulate this amongst teenagers is a Felony charge designed to capture adults involved in theses behaviors.
Law enforcement officials and parents alike, do not want to see teenagers' lives ruin with a Felony charge and a label that carries such a deviant connotation. So officers and district attorneys usually elect to confiscate the youth's cell phone or require them to attend and complete an educational course on the dangers of sexting until legislature is put in place that encompasses the actual usage and intent of the way some young people across the country sometime use their phones. That pending statute makes it a summary offense that would not be on the teenager's permanent record and forfeiture of their electronic device.
Ecstasy, or now commonly called mollies by teenagers across the country, are used as a party drug at so called Raves. To my understanding, it is just as much an hallucinogenic, such as LSD, as it is a stimulant. Which means an athlete would be putting themselves and their career in danger to knowingly try to play D1 football under the influence of such a drug. Their focus, coordination, depth perception and reaction time would all be negatively effected. It seems like it would be more of an anti performance enhancer.
And here again, it doesn't seem as though the consequence of a young student athlete being labeled an athletic performance enhancer user for the rest of their lives truly encompasses the actual usage and intent of young people throughout country that knowingly or unknowingly digest this drug.
Thank you so much for your time and your consideration. Praise God.

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