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Millersburg sinkhole could make an even bigger mess

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Late last week a sinkhole opened up in Millersburg, Dauphin County. In its current state the sinkhole is dangerous. But if the problem gets worse, officials say it could damage a sewer line creating a spill in the creek that feeds into the Susquehanna.

Since the sinkhole was discovered the area has been cordoned off and it appears that no work has been done to fix the problem.

"Its not something that should be just put off and delayed if it could possibly put people at risk," Carrie Sydow from Millersburg said.

Officials say the sinkhole damaged a retention wall right near a creek, which is likely to collapse. If that happens a sewer pipe would break and cause the potential spills.

Fixing the issue would require replacing the wall and back-filling the gap.

However, borough officials say, the sinkhole is on private property. It's adjacent to a local business. It is also really close to railroad tracks. They have been working to get the parties involved together; the landlords, the water and sewer authority and the railroad to come up with a plan and figure out how the work is going to be paid for.

"It is a top priority right now.  It is a public safety issue," Borough Manager Chris McGann said. He added, "This is moving as fast as it can. This is what I have been front and center on my plate pretty much since Thursday. It's getting folks together and saying everyone come to the table."

It appears things are moving smoothly and a meeting is anticipated soon, but the coordination takes time.

After all the worse case scenario is not expected to play out overnight.

There's no word how much the work would cost.

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