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Farm Show vendors hope for strong end after weak start

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If you have been to the Pennsylvania Farm Show this year, you may have noticed a smaller crowd.

Officials said attendance is down.

Normally when you walk around the Farm Show, you have to fight your way through the crowds and prepare yourself for a long wait in the food lines.

This year, that is not really the case.

"I've been coming to the Farm Show since I was a child," said Janice Mills of Middletown. "Well, right now at lunchtime, the food court is looking a little low."

Farm Show officials said attendance is down this year after a record-breaking 2013.

"The way we measure that is the number of cars we park in the Farm Show controlled parking lots. That's down a little bit over 20 percent, and we attribute that directly to the inclement weather we had over the weekend and the bitter cold," said Patrick Kerwin, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Lower attendance is having a snowball effect and freezing sales for hundreds of vendors.

"We look at the numbers every night so we're down a little. If we have a strong Friday and Saturday, we should be doing well," said Jennifer Reed-Harry, assistant vice president of PennAg Industries. She helps run the bacon stand.

Vendors are hoping for that strong end to make up for a weak beginning to the Farm Show. That just might happen.

"With the forecast looking to be warmer a little bit, maybe up in the 50s by Saturday, we're hoping to see a rebound. Today's looking better already," said Reed-Harry.

"It's a great time, even though it's a little cool to visit the Farm Show, it's toasty warm inside. People are having a good time and enjoying themselves," said Kerwin.

There is still plenty of time to head out to the Farm Show. It runs through Saturday.

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