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Harrisburg parking tickets double

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For years, many people who parked in Harrisburg dreaded finding that green envelope on their windshield.

On the one hand, they will no longer receive those green envelopes. However, those tickets have been replaced by red-and-white receipt-style tickets that have more than doubled in cost.

Chelsey Skotek was among those who went a few minutes over her time limit.

"Low and behold, there was a little paper fluttering in my windshield wiper," she said. "I was surprised. It was 30 bucks."

Unfortunately, this was Skotek's first time in Harrisburg. The Hazleton woman traveled to the capital city to take in the sights and sounds.

Had she received the ticket before this month, the fine would have been $14.

"That makes me sad. That makes me really depressed," she said. "I'm here for the Farm Show, so any buck I can save would be great, but I just paid $16 over."

Anthony Palumbo, of Palumbo's Pizza on 2nd Street, has concerns over the new cost.

"It's going to hurt a lot of the little local businesses that we have down here," he said. "Restaurant Row is already kinda struggling with everything going on in the city right now as it is. Not many people want to come downtown."

Palumbo said people may not want to take the risk of getting a ticket and will choose to eat elsewhere.

The days of paying fines at a city hall kiosk are over. On the backs of tickets are instructions to pay at the new Standard Parking offices at 223 Walnut Street, across the street from the federal courthouse.

The offices are open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and there is a drop box for payments after hours and weekends.

Standard Parking said they accept payments of cash, check or debit card. One worker in the office said the company should have an online payment option set up within a month or two at Parkharrisburg.com.

Why the change? Standard Parking is the operator of the former Harrisburg Parking Authority. The 10-year lease of the city's meters and garages was a part of the Harrisburg Strong recovery plan.

This will not be the last change. The downtown will get new meters in March; everywhere else in April. Both installations will come with another round of rate hikes yet to be determined.

The Parkmobile app will be unveiled this spring. The app will allow people to search for open spaces and keep track of their metered time as the app will send a text message alert before time expires.

Standard Parking is considering a 15-minute grace period to promote turnover at local businesses, but Palumbo still views the change as a risk customers might not want to take.

"We all help each other and we all support each other," he said. "A lot of us are really upset what's going on with the parking. I think it's just going to deter people from going downtown at all."


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