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Pipe Bursts Displace Families in Our Area; Experts Offer Tips for Tenants


Danville, VA - The Red Cross has had their hands full assisting folks displaced from their apartments because of water damage.

The Red Cross is working with four families in Danville that needed somewhere to stay after pipes burst, affecting multiple apartments on Seminole Trail.

The same can be said for several people in Lynchburg who were displaced from the Legacy at Linden park Apartments Tuesday night.

"It's an uncomfortable feeling: You're having to rely on landlords and maintenance people to take care of everything," said Red Cross Captain Jennifer Statzer.

The biggest concern many tenants have is figuring out who is responsible.

Carl Manasco has been in real estate for 30 years. He says landlords should be making sure the pipes and heat sources are in good shape before the temperatures drop, and tenants should know how to activate the emergency heat in their unit.

"If you should have a heat pump where you have a manual switch, then you should switch it over to emergency heat if you know the outside temperature is going to drop below 25 degrees, " Manasco said.

Not all damage is the landlord's responsibility, however.

"If there's personal property damage, then the tenant's insurance is responsible for that, and it's their loss if they don't have renter's insurance, "  Manasco said.

One of the displaced tenants on Seminole Trail told us she has spoken with her landlord, who lives in Norfolk. The Red Cross will be covering her hotel costs for three days.


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