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Water Line Break Affects Allied Arts Building


Lynchburg, VA - Cold weather is continuing to wreak havoc on those water lines, this time in the downtown Lynchburg district.

Around 7:00 p.m. Wednesday the Lynchburg Fire Department was called out to the Allied Arts Building for four feet of water pooling in the basement. Crews shut off power to the building and worked to shut off the water line.

Aside from water damage, there could also be damage to some of the technical rooms as well.

"My plan was to come in and shut the water off, but as soon as I got there, there was no way I could have walked through all that water. And then worrying about electricity and if I would get shocked or anything like that, so I knew it wasn't something that I could do," said Michelle Hamrick, Director of Property Services.

Fire crews were able to stop the water from running and they hope to see power restored Thursday.

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