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Morning Travel Could Be Made Tricky By Ice and Freezing Rain


Lynchburg, VA - Worries that driving, flying or taking the train, could be made into a bit of a hassle on Friday morning.

Whether by plane, train, or automobile, travel could become troublesome with the help of an icy winter storm headed our way.

"Some rain and then freezing rain; we'll have abrasives available that will provide traction to motorists" said Paula Jones, VDOT's Communication's Manager.

VDOT officials said crews were on standby to tackle slick streets come early Friday morning.

"Employees are resting today so they'll be ready tonight to come back in" she said.

Trucks were loaded with abrasives, but crews had to wait to apply them. Rain and freezing temperatures could make them obsolete.

VDOT officials had a warning for Friday morning motorists.

"Slow down, pay attention, but again, first and foremost, know the conditions before you go" said Jones.

"I would suggest that if you have a flight tomorrow that you contact your airline to make sure that it's on time" said Rick Stein, the Deputy Director of the Lynchburg Regional Airport.

At Lynchburg Regional Airport, there was no word on early Friday delays. But preps were underway to make sure runways were kept clear of ice.

"It's a big truck, it has a 50 foot boom on it and sprays de-icing fluid directly onto the runway" said Stein.

And even track safety was a concern. Early morning commuters were urged to check with Amtrak for any service delays or cancellations.

All commuters though had high hopes that Friday morning's travel was a safe and slow trip.

"Check the weather reports and then put my truck in 4-Wheel-Drive if I need to and then try to drive as safe as possible" said one man.

"Driving in the snow, one can deal with a little bit better, but this ice is definitely more problematic" said another.

And with ice looming for Friday morning's commute, all travelers are urged to take it easy on potentially slick roads. Also, VDOT officials asked drivers to check road conditions before heading out.

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