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Despite slow start, farm show visitors chowed down

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The day after the Pa. Farm Show ends, the cleanup begins.

"What I'm always amazed at is what takes two or three weeks to set up in here goes down in about three days," said Dave Smith who runs the milkshake stand.

It takes much effort to accomplish that.

"Well everything in the Farm Show complex is stored elsewhere. It has to be torn down, pulled out, put on trailers or trucks and has to be moved to be stored for the following year," Smith said.

As for this year, the Farm Show got off to a slow start due to the frigid weather.

"The big clipper came through and the freeze and I really think that held back some crowds. There were some crowds here but not like we saw the last couple years. Actually the last couple years we had phenomenal weather and attendance so we can't expect to see that all the time," said Smith.

Despite the slow start to Farm Show week, vendors in the food court said they made out pretty well. Visitors consumed 275,000 doughnuts, nearly 40,000 servings of French fries, 27,000 baked potatoes, more than 10,000 roast-beef sandwiches, 13,000 sausages, more than five tons of pulled pork, 60,000 chicken nuggets, 10,000 fish sandwiches, and 6,000 whoopie pies.

"14,000 gallons of our milkshake mix this week. That's down just a little bit. It's not down a huge amount," Smith said.

"Well the last two years we've had phenomenal weather and the crowds were outstanding. We had more of an average year this year. What we consider average during the Farm Show in January," said Rahn Troutman, who runs the potato stand.

A lot of work goes into to serving up that food, then cleaning-up. Vendors said it is worth it.

"Good week. We're happy, excited for it to start and we're always happy when it's over," Troutman said.

"In the case of the Dairymen's Association, the money goes back into the youth development programs for dairy youth and agriculture in Pa. so I think it is worth it," said Smith.

Everything has to be cleaned up quickly. There is a horse sale at the Farm Show complex on Wednesday.

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