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Mommy Monday: Baby Wipes and Skin Problems


Lynchburg, VA - If you have been wondering what's been causing an allergic reaction in your young child - the answer could be baby wipes.

Researchers say a preservative found in many popular wipes has been causing reactions like disfiguring patches, crusting and blistering.

They took a look at six cases over the last three years, which all involved either Huggies or Cottonelle wipes.

Both brands contain a well-known preservative called M-I which investigators believe is found in roughly half of all wipes sold in the US.

Some of those cases were incorrectly diagnosed as a common skin condition.

Researchers say the prescribed treatments didn't work, but when the children stopped using the wipes their skin cleared up.

They want parents to know that only a small percentage of children have a problem with M-I.

But just to be safe, make sure you look at the label of your baby wipes to see if they contain the preservative.

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