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To shake hands, or to bump fists?

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

A modern day health debate asks, is it better to shake? Or bump?

Typically the handshake is considered more professional, but is it the safest way to greet someone?

"A fist bump would probably be transferring the fewest number of germs," said York City Health Department Nurse Coordinator Deb Stoops.

Fist-bumping may not be the most appropriate way to greet someone, but it's proven to be good enough for the Obamas, and for Eddie Joseph of Dallastown.

"I am very reluctant to shake hands with people to be honest with you," said Joseph.

He carries hand sanitizer with him at all times.

"My wife calls me, she thinks I am what they call a germaphobe. I wash my hands like 450 times a day," said Joseph.

Doctors' orders are just that.

"The germs are everywhere," said Stoops. "It's real quick to pass things along, so it's important to be careful and make sure you are washing your hands well and watching what you do."

Some churches are even taking a more cautious approach.

"When they are in high density areas of flu, it would be a good, prudent thing to do," said Pastor Louis Pethruha of St. Joseph's Church.

In some situations churches have altered their sign of peace traditions.

"We did tell people not to shake hands, period. That made everybody feel basically comfortable knowing they should not shake hands," said Pastor Pethruha.

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