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House Democrats want Corbett education cuts reversed

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State House Democrats have introduced Resolution 605, which would fund a financial impact study on Governor Corbett's cuts to the state's 500 school districts and its impact on property taxes.

Minority Leader Frank Dermody says the cuts have been felt across the board.

"School districts no longer have the resources they need to meet enhanced state academic requirements," he said. "Most of the school districts have had to increase property taxes because of the Corbett cuts."

The effort would also help the state develop a new education funding formula.

Majority Leader Mike Turzai said the current budget has $10 billion in K-12 education, the highest ever, and no Democrats voted for it.

Turzai said the Democrat-controlled House during the Rendell administration cut state tax dollars on public education, and they used stimulus money to fill in the holes since they knew those federal dollars would be gone.  Turzai says Governor Corbett had to increase education funding by nearly $300 million in his first year in office.

The House plans to vote on a bill this week that would form a commission that would create a new education funding formula.

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