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Suspected ID thief caught in sting operation

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Police say Daniel Flash walked into First Capital Federal Credit Union to take out a $25,000 loan, but loan officers noticed something was wrong. 

"It just didn't add up. There was certain information on his pay stub that he submitted that just wasn't accurate and it didn't agree just a number of red flags like that," said First Capital President and CEO Dennis Flickinger.

The credit union asked Flash to come back a few days later to sign paperwork. Meanwhile, First Capital did some investigative work of their own.

"The identity belonged to a gentleman in Ohio, not to this gentleman, and we contacted the police and they said let's set a trap for him," Flickinger said.

Flash took the bait and police were waiting to arrest him when he came back.

"If you let it get away from you, it will ruin your life," said Flickinger.

With the Target breach fresh in everyone's mind, Flickinger says his employees are trained to look out for this type of crime.

"It was very evident that it was identity theft. This gentleman had his Social Security number, a fake driver's license with all the right information on it," said Flickinger.

Police said Flash attempted his scheme at other financial institutions, but the personnel at First Capital wasn't going to allow him to pull the wool over the eyes of someone else.

"Some people might say let's turn him away and forget about it, but that's not the right thing to do," said Flickinger.

Flash was charged with identity theft and forgery among other crimes. He is now being held at York County Prison.


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