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Carlisle loses last cab company

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Gasoline Alley is where Carlisle cars go when they've run dry. Among the skeletons in the massive lot is a yellow Moonlight Taxi Cab.

The company served as the last and only cab company in the borough.

"The best part of my job is all the different kind of people I meet," said Perry Jenkins. "The worst part about my job is breaking down."

Jenkins was a driver for Moonlight, but just before the busy New Year's Eve they too fell victim to dwindling revenue.

"I was devastated," he said.

Jenkins now drives for Alpine Cab, which is owned by the same company except Alpine operates out of Mechanicsburg. It is now the closest service to Carlisle.

"If they were to call and wanted a ride right away, we really couldn't do it," he said, adding that reservations should not be a problem.

Law enforcement suggests residents get serious about designating a sober driver because for now there isn't a "Plan B."

The ironic part of living in a 'Cab Desert' is that drinkers weren't the only ones Moonlight was driving. Hospital patients were frequent customers, as were those who needed a ride home from prison...for driving under the influence.

"They pretty much have to stay until its their time go if we cant pick them up...unless they have a ride," said Jenkins.

Jenkins and Alpine say they are dedicated to servicing the Borough as best they can. Other former employees have petitioned to start their own taxi companies in Carlisle.

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