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Cosmetic procedures becoming less invasive

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A local plastic surgeon says cosmetic surgery is becoming popular once again after a suffering a downturn that followed the economy tanking in 2008.

Dr. Richard DeRamon of Mechanicsburg says more and more people are going for the less invasive procedures, like a non-surgical procedure known as Ulthera, which is used to firm up skin around the neck and face.

Or maybe you want to go for laser-assisted liposuction to address those "man boobs" and love handles?

"We're able to do this in the office under local anesthesia with just a little bit of oral light sedation," said Dr. DeRamon. "Patients walk in. They have the procedure. They walk out."

Dr. DeRamon says the most popular surgical procedures are liposuction, breast augmentations and tummy tucks.

As far as the breast implants go, Dr. DeRamon said, "the concerns about rupture or leakage is significantly less and yet they have the best feel of any of the implants out."

The cost of a breast job these days is between $7,000 and $8,000. Surgical liposuction runs about $4,000 to $5,000. Dr. DeRamon says there have been great improvements in pain management, including a new local anesthetic.

"It provides local anesthesia for about 72 hours, where before about four to eight hours was the longest anesthetic," he said.

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