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Chambersburg ranked best town in Pa. for job seekers

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Finding a job can be tough. From resumes to references and weathering interviews, getting a job nearly becomes one.

Sometimes it all has to do with location and you might want to narrow your search to some Midstate communities.

Reputable finance website Nerdwallet.com mapped out its criteria and crunched numbers to find the best towns for job seekers in Pennsylvania, in spite of the fact that some say our state is expected to rank 41st in the county when it comes to potential job growth in 2014.

Nonetheless, Nerdwallet.com took a look at growth, affordability and unemployment rates for towns all over the state.

Chambersburg took the crown as the best for, among other attributes, population growth, low monthly homeowner costs and job seeking tools available.

"Good job opportunities, we have a mix of job opportunities," Noel Purdy, vice president of the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce.  "Everything is location, location, location, and us being along the I-81 corridor and a lot of development that's happening, we're prime for growth. But we are also in a good place where we can manage growth."

Also on the list was York at number two.

Lebanon came in at number nine.

Lancaster rounded out the top 10.

Carlisle came in at number 14.

Hanover made the cut, ranking 19.

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