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Danville Man Runs 10K A Day For A Year


Danville, VA - Bobby Carlsen spends much of his time inside his Danville photography studio, but when he's not taking pictures, he's running. 

"I've always been a runner. I needed to step up my game, " Carlsen said. 

He wanted to challenge himself even more, so he vowed to run, several miles each day.

"Sometimes I'm outside running late in the evening and a thunderstorm comes up, or snow, sleet - I ran in all of those conditions, " Carlsen said. 

He was asked by the director of God's Pit Crew to come along with them to Haiti to photograph the relief effort. He agreed, under one condition.

"I've got to run.  I can't miss a day running while I'm there, " he said.

Carlsen ran everywhere he could - including 4.5 miles inside the Miami airport.

In Haiti, he had to use an indoor treadmill, but he was always just steps away from hardship.

"I could see out a little window into an alley way, and there was a family that lived in a tent there. It was kind of surreal, ' he said. 

Last year, he completed variety of races across the country - including two ironman events.
It was one of those grueling races - an ironman in Indiana - that gave him his most memorable moment of the journey.

"My daughter was there and she was like, "Go papa, go," and she came up and started running with me. Just to have her there and she had this big pretty smile on her face and she was looking at me like I was doing the best thing in the world, " said Carlsen.

Support like that is what got him through.

"One of the best ways that you can help yourself be successful is to find people that will help you stay on track, and certainly there were lots of those kind of people, " he said.

The owners of Danville's popular running hub - The Brick - gave Carlsen all of his running shoes for the year, and they helped him out with race registration fees.

He said he couldn't have done it without good friends like them.



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