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Lynchburg Native Playing in Super Bowl


Lynchburg -  When the Broncos battle the Seahawks in the Super Bowl a week from Sunday, Lynchburg's Paris Lenon will be shooting for his first Super Bowl ring.

             The 12-year NFL veteran and Heritage High grad has been the Broncos' starter at middle linebacker for the last eight games.  His Mom and Dad couldn't be any prouder of number 51.

Audrey Lenon, PARIS LENON'S MOM, said "Gives you chills and a tremendous sense of pride.  It's a great deal of fun, at times it's unnerving because you watch him get hit, make hits.  And all you want to do is make sure he stands back up."

Paris Lenon, PROUD FATHER - "The guys up at Dink's on 12th street, they were hoopin' and hollerin' when I went there today.  They were waving and shaking and saying my man's going to the Super Bowl, I'll be there.  I know they're not gonna be there but their comments are that hey, we're happy."

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