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Heavy storm leaves some Midstaters unprepared

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

As fast as employees at J&W Hardware in Goldsboro could build them and tag them, shovels were flying off the shelves.

"Shovels and salt, that's all I'll be doing all day," said J&W Hardware Manager Mike Helsel.

Scott Stafford of Etters came by early Tuesday to get himself some new equipment.

"I got a new shovel and a broom the ones I have are worn out," said Stafford. He added that with this amount of snow, he needed something that would get the job done.

"I think this is going to be sizeable so I am not just going to make due, I am going to get myself something that works well," said Stafford.

Robert Denshaf had the same idea, but he wishes he did not wait until the last minute to grab a shovel.

"Man I didn't think the roads would be so bad, but it's terrible. I am definitely sorry, I regret it. I wish I would have come out a couple days ago and gotten a shovel," said Denshaf.

But in these snowy conditions shovels were not the only hot ticket item. Half of the hardware employees spent their day outside loading up salt for customers while the cashiers were busy inside checking people out with firewood and sleds.

"This is where we make our money," said Helsel.

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