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abc27's Good Day PA changes the local broadcasting scene

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Host Amy Kehm goofs off during a holiday performance by We3 Host Amy Kehm goofs off during a holiday performance by We3
The Canadian Brass The Canadian Brass
Amy with Thrifty Thursday's Sarah Mock of HowIPinchAPenny.com Amy with Thrifty Thursday's Sarah Mock of HowIPinchAPenny.com
Correspondent Carrie Perry reporting live at the 2014 PA Farm Show Correspondent Carrie Perry reporting live at the 2014 PA Farm Show

Have you heard the buzz about Good Day PA? This show launched last September 9 on abc27/WHTM in Harrisburg, PA. For the first time in many years, the Midstate region of Pennsylvania has a regular, live, lifestyle show. In in the months since its birth, Good Day PA has seen very positive ratings. In fact, total viewership has already surpassed some competitors' newscasts.

"It really is a lot of fun," said host Amy Kehm who was previously a reporter and anchor with the news department. "I personally am able to meet so many interesting and talented neighbors and, thus, introduce them to viewers as well."

Good Day PA airs each weekday at 12:30 immediately after abc27 News at Noon. Momentum builds when Amy presents a live promo during the noon newscast.

"I have a lot of fun deciding how to tease our program -- how to get viewers excited for what is about to happen," Kehm noted. "You might find me sneaking a treat in the kitchen, peddling a bike in the studio or decked out in western wear."

The program is comprised of four, main segments, most of them live at the TV station, which range from health, beauty, fitness, crafts, cooking, finance, pets and local events. You will see Pennsylvania writers in the "Author Spotlight," learn about beauty products and treatments each "Makeover Monday" and receive money-saving tips in the weekly "Thrifty Thursday" segments.

"Amy Kehm has been a wonderful host to work alongside for my Thrifty Thursday segments," said Thrifty Thursday guest Sarah Mock of howipinchapenny.com. "She has an approachable, inquiring personality that brings the segments to life."

Good Day PA Correspondent Carrie Perry joined the team shortly after the launch and provides regular content such as monthly "Worth it or Waste" pieces and "Kids Doing Good" which highlights the positive actions that youth are taking to be involved in their community.

"Joining the Good Day PA team has been a wonderful opportunity to have some fun and produce meaningful stories about kids in Central PA exhibiting more than just academic or athletic excellence," said Perry. "Worth it or Waste" was born out of shear nosiness! After watching so many as-seen-on-TV ads and passing similar products lining store shelves, I always wanted to have the opportunity to simply test these gizmos and gadgets to see if they really work!"

Music is also a big component of the show. Artists appear in Good Day PA's "Studio Sessions" to perform and promote their work. Big name guests have included 2Cellos, The Canadian Brass and the Harrisburg Harp Orchestra. Likewise, local singer/songwriters such as Lindsey Erin, Leticia Joy, Matt Wheeler and Ben Gallaher have stepped into the spotlight.

Associate Producer Patrick Andrews handles the booking of musical acts.

"One of my favorite segments on Good Day PA is Studio Sessions! There are so many talented musicians right here in the mid state that never get the exposure they deserve," said Andrews. "Good Day PA is the only show on a local network affiliate that is consistently introducing these artists to our viewing area."

Local businesses have experienced financial success after investing in Good Day PA. For-profit guests are guaranteed the airing of their logo and contact information, plus videos on the Good Day PA web page. They also receive a professional, digital copy of their segment for use in their marketing efforts. Clients say the formula is working for them.

"Our appearance on Good Day PA, was a success," said Polly Patrona of Hauser Estate Winery. "We had new guests come up and visit our winery because they had seen the program. Thanks Good Day, PA!"

"We're approached by media outlets all the time for advertising, but Good Day PA set itself apart in value," said Mike Parker, marketing manager for Appalachian Brewing Company. "Not only do we get a chance to promote our products and services in front of the live audience watching at home, but our segments live on forever through social media."

"I had a lot of good comments," said Becky Szejk of Casero's Pizza at the West Shore Farmers Market. "A lot of people came and said, 'I saw you on TV. I saw you on Good Day PA.'"

"The staff of Good Day PA are welcoming and calming. We have never been on TV before and they made us feel at ease before and during our live segment. Viewers have called us before we have even left the studio to make an appointment," said Cheryl Gobin of SCG Skin Rejuvenation.

In February, the program will launch a weekly "Midstate Memories" piece to highlight the rich past of the Midstate, while also striving to preserve it for the future. The show is always welcoming new guests to appear to showcase what they have to offer in the vibrant, Midstate community.

Good Day PA has changed the local broadcasting scene and looks forward to growing the program and welcoming new guests.

"We just have so much fun! Good Day PA is the best half hour of local TV," said Kehm. "I had left WHTM for some time and returned especially for this program. I am absolutely glad that I did and look forward to our future."

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