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Doughboy Statue Repairs Planned


Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg's Doughboy statue could be repaired by the end of February.

The bayonet was broken by a vandal in October. The broken piece was recovered from the James River.

A mold will be made of the bayonet, in case it's ever broken again and can't be found.

AMG Machine Shop is welding the bayonet back together free of charge.

Monument Terrace Troop Rally Organizer Steve Bozeman currently has the broken piece.

"I've been very protective of it, believe me," said Bozeman. "I've been very honored to be able to carry that and be responsible for it and secure it."

After the welding work, sculptor Ken Faraoni will redo the patina so the bayonet matches the rest of the statue.

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