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First Responders Change Routine In Freezing Cold


Lynchburg, VA - The men and women who spend so much time out in the freezing cold with the job of keeping people safe, first responders; they're job changes in the cold.

When the turnout gear for fire fighters gets wet, they make sure they have an immediate change of clothes available.

Also, gloves and hats are kept in trucks for fire fighters to layer up with.

Otherwise, it's up to them to make sure they keep warm. It's encouraged to layer up underneath their heavy gear.

"The big thing we're concerned with this time of year obviously is gear getting wet, because once it gets wet, it's just going to be terribly cold and an issue there. Wet gloves, wet turnout gear, wet firefighting hoods and that type of stuff poses us a big problem" said Robert Lipscomb, a Battalion Chief for the Lynchburg Fire Department.

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