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Midstaters dreading return of frigid temperatures

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Temperatures are going to plummet again this week with wind chills well below zero.

According to abc27 meteorologists, the brutal cold we are in for is the type of chill that we see once every five to ten years. But we are seeing it for the second time in three weeks.

"I think it's horrible to deal with. It's horrible to be out a lot. It's horrible to come out and get groceries," said Dylan Van Kampen of Virginia. In July, he moved to Dauphin County to go to grad school and has never experienced cold like this.

"Having to scrape off my car again the morning and then after I finish school I have to scrape it off again. And then having to see the heat bill is pretty bad, too," Van Kampen said.

Alex Thomas is not used to the frigid temperatures either. And he grew up in Linglestown.

"I'm done with it. I'm pretty sick of it. Ready for spring. Ready for some warmer weather. Just been the coldest winter I can remember at least in the last couple years so I'm ready for warm weather," Thomas said.

So are many other Midstaters. How will they cope? Maybe think warms thoughts?

"Shorts and tee-shirts," Thomas said.

Or maybe pretend it is warm outside, like the man we spotted wearing shorts and the woman with iced coffee in her hand.

Dylan said he will do the opposite.

"I try not to go out if I don't have to. Just sit inside wearing a couple sweaters and jackets but if I have to go out I wear like 5 or 6 layers and try not to slip on the ice," said Van Kampen.

Notoriously cold places like Iceland, Alaska, and Sochi, Russia will have warmer temperatures this week than us.

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