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Parents continue to blast Susquehanna school administrators

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It was another packed house Monday night at the first Susquehanna Township school board meeting of the year, and more concerned parents spoke out on several issues that have been hanging over the district.

Many of those who spoke say they're fed up with the administration and an apparent lack of response when issues are raised; most recently, a story abc27 brought you on two superintendents using more than $18,000 in school funds -- just in the month of December -- to pay their personal attorneys regarding ongoing lawsuits and investigations.

"This is absurd," parent Wendy Jackson-Dowe said. "Certainly it's not my job to tell the superintendents how to spend their money, but I do believe we pay you enough to pay your own personal bills."

School board president John Dietrich said he would follow up and provide Jackson-Dowe with an explanation on those expenses in the near future.

The comment that received the most reaction, however, was from parent Kathleen Sanders. She said her special needs daughter was issued a Gmail account by her 8th grade science teacher, and later received repeated pornographic images on a school computer during school hours.

Sanders said Susquehanna Township police are now investigating, but she's heard nothing from the school in the week since she filed a police report.

"I'm hoping that they act on this quickly because I'm sure if my special needs daughter has been contacted, so have others in the district," she said.

School district spokesperson Susan Anthony told abc27 this issue will be "investigated immediately, beginning Tuesday morning."

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