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State senator wants to enhance equal pay effort

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Senator Rob Teplitz is sponsoring Senate Bill 1212. He says if passed, the law would better protect workers who file an equal pay grievance from retaliation by their employer.

The senator says the country has made progress since President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in 1963, but women still face a gender wage gap.

"I think the bottom line is we want to make sure that women and men doing the same job are treated the same," said Teplitz. "And if they are not, then the will have the legal means to rectify the situation."

Senator Teplitz says his bill is part of a package of legislation that will have an impact on women's issues. "We want to make sure women have the ability to nurse in the workplace. We want to make sure that breast and cervical cancer exams are available to more women."

Teplitz says his bill has bipartisan support, and he hopes it gets passed by the spring.

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