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Author Spotlight: S. Alex's Martin's 'Embassy'

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A look into Martin's long editing process A look into Martin's long editing process
Author S. Alex Martin of York County Author S. Alex Martin of York County

York County author S. Alex Martin independently published his young adult science-fiction book, "Embassy" on January 1. The 21-year-old appeared on Good Day PA on abc27 to promote his work and also to explain how the book came to be.

"It's set 2000 years in the future and humanity has expanded more into the galaxy. And they developed a program that promotes the inter-cooperation of planets and trade regulations and politics and all that sort of stuff," Martin explained.

The main character, Arman Lance, falls in love with a girl from another planet and when she leaves, he becomes obsessed with finding her. At times, Lance falls away from his friends and becomes, in Martin's words, "mentally isolated."

"So now he's joined the Embassy program to embark on an expedition to her planet, to find her," said Martin. "And along the way he discovers that he needs to open up to himself and not hold his happiness based on finding this girl."

Martin expects readers to discover themes such as self-discovery, developing healthy relationships, taking responsibility of your life and making the right choices.

"Embassy" began as a short story that evolved into a novel. Martin spent just 10 days writing the first draft with 150,000 words. Over the course of 12 months, Martin edited the entire book seven times with help from critique partners who he calls his "Embassy Peeps."

For more information, please visit: www.salexmartin.webs.com.

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