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Residents want officials to get to bottom of sinkhole issue

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Palmyra residents want to know why it's taking so long to repair the sinkholes on East Cherry Street.

Homeowners in that area are worried the problem is going to reach their front doors.

"My issue is that because it's still open, it's going to just keep getting bigger," said Shilah Stahl, who lives across the street from the sinkholes.

Several homes are still condemned on her block and you can still see into the basement of one of them.

Officials say geological scans of the area were performed and they are still awaiting the results. They are still working on a repair plan, but still do not have a timeline. They do plan on talking with property owners directly affected sometime in the near future.

"We are frustrated as well. We are in the same boat with them. We certainly feel for their situation. It's something we have been dealing with as a borough for a long time and there's no easy answers. Hopefully in this case there is something we can work together with everybody on," Borough Manager Roger Powl said.

Powl also said there are also some legal issues when it comes to sinkholes on a homeowner's property; one of many issues being addressed.

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