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Lynchburg Woman Collapses at Local Restaurant


Lynchburg, VA - Many are mourning the death of a young Lynchburg woman, who died Friday after collapsing at a local restaurant the week before.

Jennifer Campbell, 28, was a bartender at The Neighbor's Place in Wyndhurst.

Campbell died from a brain aneurysm.

Campbell was well known in the Lynchburg restaurant community, and now people from all over are showing their support for the vivacious bartender.

A somber mood filled the air at the Neighbor's Place Restaurant as colleagues and friends mourned the loss of Jennifer Campbell.

"She was the kind of person who could brighten up a room, make you smile even on your worst day," said friend Sumner Schweinsberg.

Campbell was bartending a little over a week ago when her co-workers say she complained of having an agonizing headache.

Moments later Campbell collapsed. She suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse and she died Friday.

"It was a really rough night but to have everyone come together like that was a great thing too," said Schweinsberg.

According to neurosurgeon Thorfilos Machinis, Brain aneurysms are caused by a weakening of the blood vessel wall.

In most cases, people with brain aneurysms have no symptoms and it goes unnoticed, unless it ruptures.

"The first time people know they have an aneurysm is when it ruptures, and then you get what is classically described as the worst headache of your life,"said Machinis.

Dr. Machinis says what causes the majority of brain anuerysms is unknown, but smoking and high blood pressure could contribute.

"Half of the people who have a ruptured aneurism don't live. 50% don't live, and of those that do live half of those end up permanently disabled," said Machinis.

Campbell's friends have received an immense amount of support from other restaurants in the area, as well as members of the community, who are all touched by the joyous bartender.

So far a GoFundMe page has been started for Jennifer Campbell which has raised close to $5,000 of its $10,000 goal.

There are also a number of events happening next week to help raise money.

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