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Road crews prepare for another winter blast

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Mother Nature is handing out a triple dose of winter weather in a week's time. Midstate municipalities are doing a good job keeping up, but how are they holding up?

At Derry Township's Public Works Department Tuesday, it was the calm before the storm. Workers loaded trucks, a routine they have gone through many times this winter.

"About the time we get through one storm and our stockpile is pretty low, we get a couple deliveries in and hopefully we have enough to deal with the next one as it comes along," said Tom Clark, Director of Public Works.

This time around there is not much time in between storms.

"I feel pretty comfortable with the stockpile we have at this point for the upcoming storm tonight into tomorrow morning. Hopefully in the latter part of this week, we'll get more deliveries of salt in that we can deal with the one that's projected for Sunday into Monday," Clark said.

They have to rely on timely salt deliveries because they have already used up another resource: sugar beet juice, a natural de-icer they say works better than salt.

"Typically, we have some left over at the end of the year. This year we've gone through the supply that we had already and are going back to straight salt and anti-skid," said Clark.

So far this season, they have gone through tons of salt, literally, to keep more than 150 miles of roadway clear; exhausting not only resources but also manpower.

"The equipment's holding up well. The guys are holding up surprisingly well and doing a stellar job for what's being required of them ever since the beginning of December," Clark said. "I'm ready for winter to be over, not just this one."

Clark said the budget will be able to withstand the winter. However, it will take a pretty good hit, which could have an impact in repaving and construction come spring and summer.


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