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Salt in short supply before next winter storm

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Severe weather across the nation has caused a shortage of rock salt. Carlisle Cement is one of many midstate businesses working to get more shipments.

"I had 26 pallets of bags when the day started yesterday, they are gone. This year we can't keep it in stock and getting it is just impossible right now," said Keith Bistline, co-owner of Carlisle Cement.

Although they had some bags in their warehouse and salt in their outside bin, it was already claimed.

"We were getting it from York, they are completely sold out. Then we found out today we could get a couple loads from Reading, but there is no guarantee I will have it here for tomorrow's storm. We are trying, but trucking is tight right now - hopefully for Sunday," Bistline said.

Carlisle Country Living Agway still had some rock salt in stock. They also have some alternatives in stock.

"We have the Urea, which is a fertilizer that also melts the salt and it's safe for the pets. It does not burn the pads on their paws like salt," said Kay Gossage, a sales associate at Carlisle Country Living Agway. "The melting point on it is only like 20 above, but if it is 20 above it will still give you a little something to walk on."

Salt pellets for water softeners can also be used to melt snow and ice. For traction, they suggest sand or a product called Barn Grip.

"We have the Barn Grip that a lot of the stables use. It does not melt the ice, but gives you a surface you can walk on and not slip," said Gossage.


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