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Author Spotlight: Dr. John Benedict's "The Edge of Death"

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Author-submitted photo of  a book signing event Author-submitted photo of a book signing event

Late last year, Midstate anesthesiologist turned author John Benedict released his second book, "The Edge of Death," a medical thriller sequel to his first work, "Adrenaline," released in 2005. Dr. Benedict calls his latest work a "dark, spooky, medical thriller." On abc27's Good Day PA, Benedict explained the premise.

"As medical science advances, the definition of death is actually becoming less and less clear, not more clear. So it begs the question, 'If the definition is so unclear, when does the soul know that it's time to leave the body?'" said Benedict. "What happens if the body is resuscitated after the soul has left? I always kind of wondered about that."

Benedict, of Grantville, admits that the question may be scary for many readers. As an anesthesiologist, who has been at Holy Spirit Hospital for 28 years, he brings his "day job" into his work.

"Coincidentally, the main character, Doug Landry, is an anesthesiologist. One of the reasons I wrote these books was to give the reader a sense of what it means to be an anesthesiologist."

Blending his medical passion with a literary passion came rather easily for Landry.

"I used to write short stories back in high school and I loved the idea of fiction -- the creativity, the freedom but then I went into medicine and the writing kind of got put on hold," said Benedict. "Twenty years later, I finally got back to what I wanted to try to do."

To learn more about "The Edge of Death" and to how to purchase a copy, visit: www.JohnBenedictMD.com

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