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At Liberty University, Thousands Watch Evolution Debate


Lynchburg, VA - On the campus of Liberty University, it seems the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham was everywhere. From classrooms to hallways students all tuned in.

And at a school where the student body is more likely to believe in God than The Big Bang, it was a topic that hit close to home.

From big screens, to small ones, all eyes were glued to the same show.

When the big classrooms at Liberty University filled, students filtered out to the hallways, all to watch the Creationism versus Evolution debate; Bill Nye versus Ken Ham.

"About 100 students and then probably 150, everybody wants to see it" said Marcus Ross.

Ross is a Liberty Geology Professor and the Assistant Director of the School's Center for Creation Studies. He organized gatherings across campus where he estimated a few thousand students watched.

"For me, the most fun is going to be what happens after the debate. As all these students go off into their different areas, and I wander through the halls and I hear them talk about the debate, it's going to be because they were there watching it together" said Ross.

"I think both sides do have legitimate arguments" said student, Jesse Myers.

At the biggest Christian university in the world, there emerged an appreciation among the audience for both sides of the story.

"You don't want to have a really narrow minded view or not have the variety of knowledge" said Myers.

"They're so knowledgeable about both of their fields so we just get to broaden our knowledge with the questions they bring up" said student Robert Weisbach.

Nye and Ham debated everything from sociology to biology. The debate is available in its entirety at debatelive.org.

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