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Parents angry after dog mauls 11-year old daughter in Walker County

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    James Hooper is not holding back expressing how angry he is that his neighbors bulldog mauled his 11-year old daughter in three places. "She's hurting and suffering, missed a day of school over it, don't know whether she's going to have to have rabies shots or not," he said. 

    Briana Hooper told ABC 33/40 herself "It hurt".

    The attack happened Monday after Briana got off the school bus.  The owners of the dog live on Sycamore Lane which is a dead-end street.  Briana and other kids have to walk pass the home to get to their own.  Hooper says the dog roams free and it's not the first attack. "It bit my son last week but didn't break skin. My mother's been bitten. My mother-in-law has had trouble out of the dog."

    Walker County Sheriff's Investigator Brian Keaton confirmed they are investigating Monday's incident.  But, neighbors here say they've complained at-least five times in the past three years.

    Other children are frightened saying the same dog chased them. "Yes, a bunch of times…its already chased me," said Madison Bench.  She's Briana's cousin and was there when the 11-year old was bitten. "Like she lifted up this hand and then she lifted up this hand where the dog wouldn't bite here neck."

    ABC 33-40 stopped by the owners home but no one came out.  There were 'No Trespassing' signs posted which also state "Violators will be shot"

    Regarding the owners, Hooper says "They tell us its my dog, we're not chaining it and we're not putting it up."  He just doesn't believe authorities are doing enough.  "They say they can't jail a dog. What's it gonna take for a kid to get killed…."

    Walker Investigator Keaton tells ABC 33/40 they are not aware of any previous complaints.  He added their hands are tied because Walker County does not have a leash law so in the county jurisdiction - animals can roam free.  However, the health department says they have given owners of the bulldog until noon Friday to either have the dog quarantined for 10 days or have it put down.

    Meanwhile, the Hoopers have hired an attorney and plan to file a lawsuit against the dog's owners.

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