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Sinkhole causes partial collapse at Palmyra business

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In Palmyra, it is not a question of if a sinkhole will open up, it is a matter of when and where.

The latest sinkhole happened at Philadelphia Mixing Solutions. Snow removal crews discovered it around 11 p.m. Sunday.

The sinkhole is right across the street from the Sinkhole Saloon on Route 422.

"First thing when I pulled in, I saw a news van in the parking lot so I assumed a sinkhole opened up," said Chris Uecker, general manager of the Sinkhole Saloon.

The sinkhole is in front of the old shipping dock, which is now a maintenance shed. Part of the building collapsed.

"Surprising a sinkhole opened up? No. It's Palmyra. It's gonna happen. You just hope no one gets hurt when it does," Uecker said.

Thankfully, no one is hurt. Officials are trying to figure out exactly how much damage is done and how much this will affect business, if at all.

Sinkholes are a common occurrence across Palmyra, especially on this stretch of Route 422.

"It's an unfortunate byproduct that gives free advertising for us," said Uecker. "We're actually named because of all the sinkholes. It made sense. It fit Palmyra. We wanted to make sure we fit Palmyra, too so that's why it was named the Sinkhole Saloon."

To get an idea how often sinkholes happen here, just take a look inside. Newspapers articles line the wall.

"It's never a surprise when one happens, but it's definitely annoying, especially when the one at the main entrance opens up. We have to re-route traffic. They have to go through the back entrance or pull in at the bank down here. It definitely affects business," said Uecker.

Officials are trying to figure out what caused the sinkhole. There has been some talk of a possible underground pipe leaking, but officials are not totally sure that is what it was.


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