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Midstate worker finds she can't keep her health care plan

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Some Midstate workers are finding out that their annual health care renewal this year may be a bit different than in years past, thanks to the new Affordable Care Act.

Kathy O'Day of Hummelstown works for a local non-profit firm. Last month, it came time for the annual enrollment for health care.

"What we found out was that our current plan no longer met the standards for Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act," she said.

The insurance company was able to offer one that was comparable to her current health plan.

Sort of, she said.

"The differences are, the premium that I now pay is double from what I paid last year and we now have a $2,000 deductible," she said.

Kathy is not faulting her employer. In fact, she says the firm is helping workers pay their deductibles.

Not having health care is not an option. O'Day is battling some health issues and has to go for periodic blood tests in addition to seeing a specialist. And she's a single mom with three boys.

"I'm responsible for everything in the house," she said. "And now having these bills on top of everything else is putting me a in a very bad financial situation."

"At this point, I'd almost be better off being unemployed, because then it would be paid for, and to me that's utterly ridiculous. I've worked hard my entire life," she said.

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