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York prepares for next winter storm

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YORK, Pa. (WHTM) -

Snow has covered the ground for so long, some are starting to forget what grass looks like. 

"Everybody has been getting worn out from this winter due to the frequency of the storms mostly," said York City Public Works Director James Gross. "It's been a difficult winter, without a doubt."

Gross and his crews have been battling more than just snow and ice this winter.

"When we declare a snow emergency it's best for people to stay home and just give us time to allow us to do our jobs," he said. "The problem we have been having is people throwing snow back into the street once we plow. It just doesn't work."

The city will provide free parking to anyone who needs to move their vehicle from a snow emergency route.

"We ask people to get their cars off those routes, otherwise they will get towed," said Gross. "They can go to any city-owned lot and we also open the parking garages and make the garages available to them."

Two snow emergencies have been declared in York so far and you know what they say: the third time's a charm.

"The first snow emergency, it was not the best cooperation. By the time the second one came around it was better getting the hang of it - now moving their cars. So hopefully, if we have to declare a third time, people will understand they have to move those cars," said Gross.

The Public Works Department budget is nearly empty, according to Gross. If more storms hit this year, it could hinder roadwork in the spring.

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