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Frozen snow barriers impacting mail delivery

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South-central Pennsylvania has seen its share of snow and ice, and so have the men and women who deliver mail.

Frozen snow barriers are creating dangerous conditions for letter carriers. They have the right to refuse service if they feel unsafe, and they will usually leave a notice indicating that service has been interrupted until the ice has been removed.

Postal service officials say letter carriers have been making deliveries on icy sidewalks.

Becky and Terry Lawhead live in Cumberland County. They were away from home for the past week honoring a commitment at the Outdoor Show, and didn't have time to keep up with the snow and ice buildup until this week.

They utilized the sun to help melt the ice while they chipped away at the thick layers of frozen snow.

"Well, I have three blisters from the shovel and ice pick," said Becky Lawhead. "Yesterday the sun was beautiful, and we tried to get as much dark area exposed so the sun would work for us."

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