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Some still digging out in Lancaster and York counties

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People who live in Dover say Thursday's storm left more than a foot of snow that had to be cleared from their driveways and sidewalks.

Dennis Emig has lived in his home for more than 40 years. He says he is used to snow, but he is looking forward to the spring.

Emig says he uses his snow blower to clear away his driveway and sidewalks, but he is growing tired of the winter weather, and he can't wait for the warmer temperatures to come to the region.

Andrew Buchma came home from work on Thursday and his real-wheel drive car could not make it up the snow covered road to his home near Columbia.

He says a convenience store manager gave him permission to park his car in the lot, and it would not get plowed in.  Buchma stopped by Friday to get his car and found it surrounded by plowed snow.

Buchma says another manager told him it was plowed in because he was no allowed to park his vehicle in the lot.

Buchma says he was not mad because shoveling his car out was good exercise, but he is thinking about buying a four-wheel drive car so this will not happen again.


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