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Saturday snow doesn't slow down Midstaters

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Thursday's snow fall pretty much shut down the Midstate. Most businesses were closed and many people stayed home, but that did not seem to be the case with Saturday morning's snow.

"We are having fun. We're heading to the Penn State for the basketball game," said Lori Kostelac of Mechanicsburg, who was riding in a van with a group of people, including her sister Donna Grim.

"My niece is cheerleading there, and she's lovely, and I can't wait to see her," Grimm said of her niece, Erica Borger.

It was a very busy morning at a place I like to call heaven on the West Shore: The Pennsylvania Bakery on Market Street in Camp Hill. Snow? ...So?

"We're getting cupcakes for Trinity's sleepover this evening," said Lisa Verbos of Camp Hill, who was with her daughters Trinity and Samantha. "We're having six girls over to lay in the snow."

These folks at Pennsylvania Bakery are gamers. They were even open on Thursday.

"Most of our staff, our decorative staff, our bakery staff, even our 'staff' staff makes it in, even with the snow," said Rachelle Schenk. "Obviously we try to make sure the ones that have the SUVs and things are the ones that are coming out."

And it was a pretty busy morning for a place I like to call heaven on the East Shore: The Beer King in the Uptown Plaza in Harrisburg.

"Oh yeah. It ain't gonna stop nobody," said the Beer King's John Hoffman. "They gotta come in here and get their beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets, mainly lottery."

We met another lovely lady who was smiling despite the wintry weather.

"I take it lightly," said Rhoda McAlpine Patterson of Harrisburg. "It does clean up the air and the germs. But it's time for a little bit of a change."

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