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State Representatives Share With the Public Over Breakfast


Lynchburg, VA- Saturday morning some local politicians updated their community on what's been going on in the General Assembly this session.  Representatives Kathy Byron, Scott Garret, and Steve Newman held a "town hall" breakfast at Carol's Place in Forest.

More than fifty people came out to hear the representatives speak. They have been in Richmond for the past month, meeting with the General Assembly on issues important to the Commonwealth. This breakfast was the perfect opportunity to catch the public up on where these issues stand mid-session.

Among the many topics being debated right now, they say topping the list are a balanced budget, the mental health system, and a ban on gay marriage.

"That is what drives education, transportation, mental health, all the things that have state funding that our tax payers dollars go to," said Byron.

 "Very good reforms that we're looking forward to with mental health. Trying to expand our capacity our health safety net to make sure those that have great needs, particularly during psychiatric emergencies and crisis that in fact we will be meeting those needs," said Garrett.

"I'm very hopeful that marriage will be seen as it's been seen for thousands of years-- and that is as a union between one man and one woman," said Newman.

The representatives closed their time with a question and answer session.  They say they like holding public meetings like this to get a feel for what citizens want, then they try their best to make it happen in Richmond.


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